Ladies' Auxiliary
Kytherian Ball
K4WD & Recreation Club
Kytherian Soccer
Kytherian Young Mothers Group
Prefa & Tavli
Kytherian Kitchen
Kytherian Association Wine Klub
Kytherian Ladies' Auxiliary
The Kytherian Ladies Auxiliary is a hardworking, dedicated and enthusiastic committee of ladies who sit under the umbrella of the Kytherian Association of Australia. ... read more
Kytherian Ball
The Kytherian Ball phenomenon goes back to the early days of the Brotherhood when going out and having a good time was coupled with raising money for charity.  ... read more
Kytherian 4WD & Recreation Club
The Kytherian 4WD & Recreation Club was started back in 1997 by John Tzannes, John Faros, Peter Notaras, Angelo Andrew and Peter Tzannes. Over the years we have organised some amazing outings for many young Kytherians and their families ... read more
Kytherian Soccer
Kytherian soccer has been a core part of the Kytherian community for young and old since its inception in 1978. Since then the team has played against sides with greater skill and numbers to project themselves up through the divisions ... read more
Kytherian Young Mothers Group (KYMG)
The Kytherian Young Mothers Group was formed in 2002 and consists of dedicated mothers whose main aim is to specifically cater for the needs our younger Kytherians  ... read more
Prefa & Tavli
Now that the new fantastic Kythera House is open and functional, we have the ideal location to pass on two old cherished traditions of playing Prefa & Tavili ... read more
Kytherian Kitchen
This initiative, sponsored by the Kytherian Association, has evolved from the need to preserve our culinary heritage. We are offering a series of cooking demonstrations using recipes that have been passed down from our mothers and grandmothers ... read more
Kytherian Association Wine Klub (KAWK)
Following discussions with members, we have found that many are interested in making their own traditional Greek wine. The only thing that appears to be holding them back is the lack of a source of information on how to do so and the initial equipment ... read more

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