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Kytherian soccer has been a core part of the Kytherian community since times when most of our grandfathers were still young soccer players. Not only has the Kytherian soccer provided those who play an opportunity to stand proud and support the island of their lineage, but also a weekly outing for family and friends that come to watch and support the Kytherians on the side lines. Sunday soccer has become part of our blood and routine that many have come to love and cherish.

This year began with preseason training at Maroubra Beach with a little more intensity from everyone from past years. It was evident from the start that these men were hungry to get back into their weekly routine with a game that rivals no other.

Trial games were held leading to the eve of the new season with the team coming out with both wins and losses. The team spirit, during and after every game never seemed to diminish. If anything a loss would see the team persevere harder in the next match.

It is good to see the majority of last year’s team returning for another push towards the title of premiers with also a number of players from a few year’s gone returning to bolster the team. This commitment and dedication of each member is the core of what makes the team as a whole a side to be reckoned with.

After already four matches played the Kytherians are already looking stronger and well placed for a great season of soccer ahead.

Kosma Tzannes, Manager



KYA Kings (Indoor Soccer Team)

The Kytherian indoor soccer team, officially referred to as KYA Kings, launched into 2013 with their best season in years. The boys currently sit within the top three on the table and have had mixed results, mainly consisting of close draws and nail biting wins.

Weekly Monday night games have been challenging, with much of the team in recovery-mode from an intense outdoor game the previous day. However, as always the team pulls together and with the ‘top of the table’ in sight, the boys’ hunger for another championship title kicks into gear.

It will be a tough few months ahead, but the KYA Kings have done it before and are adamant they can bring the Indoor Central, Division Two trophy back into Kytherian hands.


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If you have any questions regarding the Kytherian Soccer email soccer@kytherianassociation.com.au.

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